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No ATC available


Callsign DEP ARR
There are no pilots in EG airspace

Here are the SSR Codes used in the Egyptian Airspace

Airport SSR Codes
International Departure 3320-3347 / 7301-7377
International Over Flights 1601-1677 /3350-3377
Cairo Domestic Departure 2701-2777
Cairo Domestic Arrival 0601-0677
Borg EL-Arab local Flights 2330-2337
Domestic Flights Other Than Cairo 2340-2377
Hurghada Domestic Departure 2310-2327
Luxor Domestic Departure 2301-2307
Aswan Domestic Departure 2320-2327
Sharm El Sheikh Domestic Departure 2330-2337
EL-Arish local Flights 2301-2327
Radio Communication Failure 7600
Emergency 7700
VFR 7000