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The training department at the IVAO Egyptian division is excited about its own section on the division’s website. Demand on training by our valued members has taken almost all the efforts of the training staff members. The department had very little time to compile and compose training material for our division. However, under the department’s supervision and approval, division members were able to initiate this section by volunteering to participate in the authoring and compiling of this version of this section on the website.

For the first phase of the construction of the training department’s section on the website, a number of documents and video clips were approved for pilot training. The documents are categorized by rating as you can find in the table below.

For getting a pilot online on the IVAO network, you will find a two part video that will illustrate the use of IvAp, IVAO’s pilot software.

You can always contact the training department using email: eg-tc (at)

Enjoy and stay tuned for more material and content on the training department’s section!



Training Documents :

                               ATC Training Documents                             Pilot Training Documents



  (Documents created by Cpt. Lex van Zwieten (243551


Training Staff :

Mohamed Salah                                 Tarek Yahia



Training Coordinator                                    Division Training Advisor 1