Guest Controller Approval (GCA) Requirements

he Egyptian Division is participating in the GCA (Guest Controller Approval) program which is in accordance with R&R 5.1.7
Any user not being a member of the EG-Division, wants to control a FRA restricted position in EG-Division, has to request approval from EG-HQ.


1- Send e-mail to
The content of the email must contain the following

a- Full member name
c- Controller rating ( ADC or APC only)

2- Member must be able to perform ATC duties in English language. Knowledge of the local language is not necessary.
3- Member must have sufficient knowledge of the LOA’s of the position requested and general procedures applied in EG-Division.
4- Theoretical and practical check will be performed by EG-Division Training Department.
5- Member behavior, must be in accordance with IVAO rules and Division spirits.
6- EG-Division HQ allows controlling only on certain FRA positions, member has to adhere to such restrictions


7- Approval and restrictions will be shown on member profile
8- Member awarded EG-DIV GCA approval must spend at least half of the online time as ATC in home division.
( Member Online history will be checked by EG-HQ )
9- The GCA can be withdrawn at any time by EG-HQ if the requirements are not met any more without further notice.